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September 15, 2014

Maple Ridge Engagement Photographer // David + Erin

“Cause I was waiting a long, long time
for a boy like you”
She + Him

Meet David and Erin. They are two of my very best friends. And last weekend David proposed. It’s a pretty fun story.

Erin and I had been speculating that David was going to propose sometime over the weekend. Okay, we were actually positive that he was going to propose. He had planned a whole day of fun things for Erin on the 7th and it seemed like the perfect time for it. A couple of weeks before the big weekend, he told me he wanted to do a surprise photo shoot for Erin’s birthday and asked me if I could take some pictures. I was shooting a wedding that day but we decided on 8:30am for the photo shoot so that I could squeeze both in. Because why not, right? I managed to keep the photo shoot a secret (which is a little bit hard to do when it is for your best friend hahaa) and we successfully surprised Erin at Cliff Falls in Maple Ridge.

e + d -2

e + d -6

e + d -7

e + d -12

Because we were suspecting a proposal, we kept our eyes open for any of the usual signs. But there was no ring box in his pocket, and he wasn’t acting too much different then usual, except for the fact that he was carrying around a present wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, with a post-it that said Erin. But, because we were keeping our eyes peeled for a ring box we didn’t even think that the ring could be IN the gift.

“someday somebody’s gonna ask you a question that you should say yes to”

e + d -3

e + d -36

e + d -39

e + d -41

e + d -43

e + d -47

e + d -55

Well, the ring was in the present. Photographing proposals is one of my favourite things. It is such a precious time and so happy and so fun. This one however, was particularly emotional, hahaa. After I clued into what was happening (keep in mind David didn’t tell me he was proposing!!) it was hard to keep from crying behind the camera, and I wasn’t very successful. No shame… my besties are engaged!!! And after David proposed, we weren’t just taking birthday photos, we were taking engagement photos! The proposal photos are being kept private, but I think freshly engaged photos are equally fun.


e + d -61

e + d -65

e + d -75

e + d -83

e + d -86

e + d -90

So excited for this next season of life. I am excited to see Erin become a bride, a wife. I am excited to see these two commit to the rest of their lives. And I am excited to see where the rest of their lives takes them. Until then, I am loving this wedding planning season of life. Also loving the fact that I get to stand beside Erin with some of her closest friends and cheer them on as they become husband and wife.Ā Congratulations again you two. LOVE YOU!

I am now booking for the 2015 wedding season. Email me at michelle@michellekarstphotography.com and we’ll go for coffee {my treat} to chat more about YOUR big day šŸ™‚


  1. Rachel Zmak says:

    Oh my goodness so many emotions reading this post <3 Congrats you two!!!!

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