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October 1, 2015

Europe 2015 // Portugal

More photos from our European adventures (#karsttwinstakeeurope). Here are some shots from our last couple of days in Poland and Portugal. We were sad to leave Poland – the month flew by so quickly – but Portugal has been unreal. It is hot hot hot and I love it! We’ve explored Lisbon and some beaches just outside of the city. Someday I would love to come back and explore the entire coastline but for now these few days have satisfied my love for the sunshine and the ocean. The people here are affectionate and kind and it has been so fun just being around them. Yesterday we got an a train hoping it would take us to the beach, mostly because we saw a bunch of local kids with towels heading in that direction. We followed them to the end of the line and found ourselves in a cute town (I couldn’t even tell you what it’s called). We walked for a couple of hours, found some amazing cliffs, and then headed back to lay on the sand and swim. When we got back to town, we decided to head to a Portuguese restaurant for dinner and while there we met a couple from Washington State who were in Portugal celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. We talked with them for a couple of hours and it was so lovely! We are off to Ireland tomorrow morning so make sure you follow me on Instagram (@michellekarst) to see more photos and thoughts from our travels!


polska blog-9

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PORTUGAL (We only visited Lisbon but loved it. Can’t wait to come back someday and see more of this beautiful country).

portugal blog-9

portugal blog-10

portugal blog-11

portugal blog-12

portugal blog-13

portugal blog-14

portugal blog-15

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portugal blog-22

portugal blog-23

portugal blog-24

portugal blog-25

portugal blog-26

portugal blog-27

portugal blog-28

portugal blog-29

portugal blog-30

portugal blog-31

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