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The week before I left on a big trip to Thailand and Bali (photos coming soon) I had 5 shoots, one of which was an engagement session with Jake and Chloe. We made our way to Lighthouse Park and caught the warmest, dreamiest, prettiest golden hour. I’m a little bit obsessed with the whimsical vibe we managed to capture. These two are some of the kindest and most intentional people I have… Read More

I am ridiculously behind with blogging and all things social media when it comes to weddings. The majority of my weddings fell between July 7th and August 26th this year so every weekend was go, go, go between weddings, portrait shoots, client meetings, etc, etc, etc. I can’t complain though because I am so dang grateful to be running this business and doing a job I love. Speaking of a job that… Read More

I first met Haley several years ago at summer camp. We were both super involved and spent many weeks together at that wonderful place, interspersed with visits throughout the school year, both in the Okanagan where she grew up and here in Langley where so many of our camp friends lived (including me haha!). Eventually Haley ended up moving to the Fraser Valley to go to school and it wasn’t too much… Read More

We are already a month into 2017 and I still haven’t had a chance to gather my thoughts about 2016. Anyone else also feel like the older they get, the faster time seems to fly by? For all the negativity about 2016 and excitement for the beginning of a new year, I’ve have to say that looking back 2016 was one of my best years yet. It had its lows but overall… Read More

I first met Angela after these two booked me for to be their wedding photographer. We met up for coffee and ended up talking for two hours and although it was the first time we met “in real life” it kind of felt like I was grabbing coffee with an old friend. Mostly┬ábecause Angela is such a warm, kind, wonderful person but also because we have SO many mutual friends – both… Read More

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Holly and her now husband Nico on their wedding day. Holly and I spent our teenage years going to the same youth group + high school and more recently have become hiking buddies. You might also recognize Holly because she graced my blog last year as a bridesmaid in her brother Nate’s wedding. ┬áNico went to our high school… Read More

Joni + Harris found me through a mutual friend and I am so glad that they did because their wedding was one for the books. We hit it off right away when we met for coffee months ago to go over initial details and I have loved the time that I have spent with these two since then. Their engagement shoot at lighthouse park was so dreamy and I looked forward to… Read More