Michelle Karst Photography


The week before I left on a big trip to Thailand and Bali (photos coming soon) I had 5 shoots, one of which was an engagement session with Jake and Chloe. We made our way to Lighthouse Park and caught the warmest, dreamiest, prettiest golden hour. I’m a little bit obsessed with the whimsical vibe we managed to capture. These two are some of the kindest and most intentional people I have… Read More

I first met Angela after these two booked me for to be their wedding photographer. We met up for coffee and ended up talking for two hours and although it was the first time we met “in real life” it kind of felt like I was grabbing coffee with an old friend. Mostly because Angela is such a warm, kind, wonderful person but also because we have SO many mutual friends – both… Read More

I first got to know Joni + Harris when we met for coffee to talk about their big day and it instantly felt like I was talking with two old friends. The conversation was comfortable and there weren’t any of those awkward pauses that almost always inevitably happen during a first meeting. Hearing about their vision for their wedding day (which is going to be stunning!) and learning more about the two of… Read More

I first met Catherine while second shooting for Laura at Catherine’s brother’s wedding and after that point saw her around campus here and there throughout our university years. One of my favourite memories actually took place while waiting in a border line-up to get back into Canada after a day in the states. We had not spent the day together but our cars ended up next to each other while waiting. I was… Read More

“like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes. some things are meant to be. take my hand, take my whole life too. for i can’t help, falling in love with you.” These adventurous souls were so fun to photograph and get to know. We spent a few hours on Saturday chasing waterfalls and exploring golden ears. We talked about photography (Julie is a wedding photographer too) and puppies and our… Read More

These two are so fun. I first met Riley in the fall of 2014, right around the time that she started dating Eric. We all went to the same university, but it wasn’t until after Riley graduated and took a job on campus that these two really connected and started dating. I’ve always admired how intentional they are with loving each other, whether it’s going enjoying the great outdoors together, writing an encouraging… Read More

Nate and Corrine are getting married this Saturday so I figured that I should (finally!) blog their engagement photos. We technically took these photos before these two were engaged. Back in April, Corrine was headed back to her home-country, Australia, and we took these photos so that they could have something to look at while they missed each other. A few months later, Nate messaged me and told me they were getting married… Read More